Brave Daughters of India

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Brave Daughters of India, TV Serial Concept, DRAMA/INSPIRATIONAL/THRILLER: This story is based on those female kids who are lucky to be born on earth (as many are killed in the embryo stage itself through a process called female feticide). In a society where women are ridden with poverty, oppression, prejudice, sexism and sexual harassment, these women are born as fighters… Read more »

I Wanna Touch The Moon

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I Wanna Touch The Moon, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/INSPIRATIONAL: In the late eighties, an eight-year old girl from a village with no electricity or educational facilities dreams of touching the moon like Rakesh Sharma. A kind-hearted schoolmaster from the city comes across to educate the kids of the village and the girl gets interested. However, the girl’s parents, especially her… Read more »

The Female Wicketkeeper

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The Female Wicketkeeper, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/SPORTS: A street cricket team of boys with a unique feature: a female wicketkeeper. The captain of the team and the wicketkeeper has a romantic angle. They study in the same college. One day her dad gets a job transfer circular and the family shifts to a different locality. 6 years later, the captain… Read more »

Girls Wanna Play Cricket

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Girls Wanna Play Cricket, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/SPORTS: A University hostel where boys and girls stay in the same room. Only, there are more girls than boys in this one. The boy is kind of a little sexist and does not like women much so at first he feels uneasy among them. The only commonality that he shares with his… Read more »