Sample Scripts

You can download my résumé/bio-data here.

You can also download some sample scripts below. All samples have been created by me. Samples are for preview purposes only; they cannot be used for commercial purposes without my permission. This is of course just the beginning; more will be posted soon. As a film editor told me recently, ‘at any time a writer should have at least 3 full length scripts ready.’

Script 1: The Competition

Short Film, 10 minutes. This was part of an exercise I was doing under playwright Irawati Karnik in Goa

SYNOPSIS: An aspiring singer wants to participate in a singing competition. A tenacious bout of cough comes in his way.

Download the Script in English



NOTE: The following scripts were what I had written as a beginner with no experience; I take no pride in them. I am listing them below only for archival purpose because I want to remember where I started from. Please don’t judge my caliber based on the following:

Script A: Two Cousins

Short Film, 4 – 5 minutes. This I had written for a Star TV Writing Challenge competition. They gave me the premise, of course

SYNOPSIS: Two cousins meet each other at a party after a long gap of one year. They are as different from each other as they can get. One of them has a big surprise to reveal (the catch is: the surprise is not a romantic one!)

Download the Script in English


Script B: Love in The Age of Android

Short Film, 10 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: An old couple in a romantic mood. Generation gap between old and the young. Relationships in the age of technology and social media.

Download the Script in Hindi


Script C: The Necklace

Short Film, 22 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: A lower middle class school boy gets infatuated with an older, upper middle class college girl and fantasizes her. One day she asks him for an expensive, rare necklace. The boy is barely able to afford it but is determined to impress his girl at any cost.

Download the Script in English (I am sorry I forgot to change the main protagonist’s name from ‘Tarun’ to ‘Tom’ in the English version’s synopsis before registering it)

Download the Script in Hindi

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