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Uber LOVE, Feature Film Concept, BLACK COMEDY/PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA: The story is about a lonely, sensitive and socially inept Uber driver who feels isolated in public places due to being single. He wants romance in life but is getting nowhere with women while everyone else around him seem to be hitched. He has a breakup with a girl which makes him… Read more »

Age is Just a Number

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Age is Just a Number, Screenplay Concept, DRAMA/ BLACK COMEDY/ROMANCE/CRIME/THRILLER: An old married woman rediscovers her sexual passion when she falls for a man half her age over Facebook chat. It is never too late to have fun in life. Married off at 21 by her parents, she was disappointed in her husband’s lack of virility from day one itself,… Read more »

The Funeral

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The Funeral, Feature Film Concept, SUPERNATURAL/THRILLER: In a small town near Delhi, a family of 11 gets wiped out one night. Police recover a jointly signed suicide note. No suspect or signs of any violent fight. At the funeral a mysterious woman wearing charms, beaded necklaces, trinkets, etc., laughs loudly at the grieving relatives of the dead family.

I Wanna Touch The Moon

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I Wanna Touch The Moon, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/INSPIRATIONAL: In the late eighties, an eight-year old girl from a village with no electricity or educational facilities dreams of touching the moon like Rakesh Sharma. A kind-hearted schoolmaster from the city comes across to educate the kids of the village and the girl gets interested. However, the girl’s parents, especially her… Read more »

Football Champion

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Football Champion, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/INSPIRATIONAL/SPORTS: A cyclone (Fanny) hits Odisha and leaves most cities and villages in the state devastated. A 6-year old boy in a village becomes orphaned when both his parents die in the cyclone while he is miraculously saved by a few villagers. All he has for company is a small white football his father had… Read more »

Man in Burqa

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Man in Burqa, Screenplay Concept, DRAMA/ BLACK COMEDY: Sometimes extreme popularity can be a bane rather than a boon. A man (movie superstar) is forced to live the life of a woman which negatively affects his marital life and mental health. The year is 2028. More than a 100 people gather every morning outside his home with garlands and sweets… Read more »

Known Face

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Known Face, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/ BLACK COMEDY: A leftist theater actor shouts slogans against the current government. During one of his performances at Jamshed Bhabha Theater (NCPA), a crazy fan jumps on the stage in middle of his performance in order to hug him.