About Me


My name is Ariindam Chakrabortiy. I am into script writing and a member of SWA (Screenwriters Association of India). I have written a few short scripts and more are on the way. I also have several offbeat film concepts. My main ambition is to make feature films on unique subjects which no one has covered yet. I have also worked as an intern writer with Mr. Prabhuraj (Director of Lupt). Currently I am looking for both paid and unpaid projects. Payment is negotiable. The only thing that is not negotiable is: I will take a writer’s credit for what I write. I am looking for partnerships with creative writers, directors and producers who think differently from the ‘commercial formula’.  My USP is: if you have a concept, I can write a story and script on it. I am open to all genres, including adult/erotica. For further information, you can check my vision of Bollywood as well as my resume. Apart from this, I am open to taking up on singing (I am taking classical vocal lessons from a very good teacher) and  acting (supporting roles) projects.

I used to be a content writer at Flexiblewriter.com (well I still am; after all a guy has got to do something to make ends meet) but then I was not satisfied with the work. I always wanted to write stories and characters and tried my hand at writing a novel as well but most readers complained that it read ‘more like a screenplay and less like a novel.’ Finally, I arrived in Mumbai as I found my true calling in screenwriting. I am also a poet at HelloWriter.com and a blogger at Ariindam.com.

SOME TRIVIA ABOUT ME: I started scriptwriting in right earnest from October 7, 2018, at Chaayos, Versova.