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Three Men

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Three Men, Web Series Concept, BLACK COMEDY/DRAMA: Three deeply flawed men in Mumbai, their funny, quirky behaviors and sexual preferences and the unique bond they share with each other despite being from different backgrounds. They are unapologetic about their lifestyles and beliefs even if it means living separately from their families. After all, they all live in the city of… Read more »

Don of Jaunpur

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Don of Jaunpur, Web Series Concept, ACTION/CRIME/DRAMA/GANGSTER: How a School Bully Turned into One of The Most Dreaded Gangsters of UP. This is the story of an 11-year-old adolescent born in a small district of Jaunpur, belonging to a middle class, Muslim family whose father had big dreams of educating his son and making him a respectable citizen of India…. Read more »