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Brave Daughters of India

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Brave Daughters of India, TV Serial Concept, DRAMA/INSPIRATIONAL/THRILLER: This story is based on those female kids who are lucky to be born on earth (as many are killed in the embryo stage itself through a process called female feticide). In a society where women are ridden with poverty, oppression, prejudice, sexism and sexual harassment, these women are born as fighters… Read more »

Age is Just a Number

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Age is Just a Number, Screenplay Concept, DRAMA/ BLACK COMEDY/ROMANCE/CRIME/THRILLER: An old married woman rediscovers her sexual passion when she falls for a man half her age over Facebook chat. It is never too late to have fun in life. Married off at 21 by her parents, she was disappointed in her husband’s lack of virility from day one itself,… Read more »

The Funeral

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The Funeral, Feature Film Concept, SUPERNATURAL/THRILLER: In a small town near Delhi, a family of 11 gets wiped out one night. Police recover a jointly signed suicide note. No suspect or signs of any violent fight. At the funeral a mysterious woman wearing charms, beaded necklaces, trinkets, etc., laughs loudly at the grieving relatives of the dead family.