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Football Champion

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Football Champion, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/INSPIRATIONAL/SPORTS: A cyclone (Fanny) hits Odisha and leaves most cities and villages in the state devastated. A 6-year old boy in a village becomes orphaned when both his parents die in the cyclone while he is miraculously saved by a few villagers. All he has for company is a small white football his father had… Read more »

The Female Wicketkeeper

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The Female Wicketkeeper, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/SPORTS: A street cricket team of boys with a unique feature: a female wicketkeeper. The captain of the team and the wicketkeeper has a romantic angle. They study in the same college. One day her dad gets a job transfer circular and the family shifts to a different locality. 6 years later, the captain… Read more »

Girls Wanna Play Cricket

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Girls Wanna Play Cricket, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/SPORTS: A University hostel where boys and girls stay in the same room. Only, there are more girls than boys in this one. The boy is kind of a little sexist and does not like women much so at first he feels uneasy among them. The only commonality that he shares with his… Read more »

Love On The Cricket Pitch

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Love On The Cricket Pitch, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/SPORTS/ROMANCE: Gully cricket of boys in a park. Audience stands outside the park to watch the game. One girl, out of curiosity, ventures into the park so she can watch it closely. The batsman hits a FOUR and unfortunately the ball hits her knee. She starts crying. The batsman kid runs to… Read more »

What Boys Love – Tinder or Cricket?

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What Boys Love – Tinder or Cricket?, Screenplay Concept, BLACK COMEDY/DRAMA/SPORTS: A guy has got a date invitation from a Tinder girl. But on the same afternoon he has a match fixed by his cricket team. He is in a fix. For the first time in his life a hot girl has invited him and he would quit anything, even… Read more »

I Will Play For My Dad

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I Will Play For My Dad, Feature Film Concept, BLACK COMEDY/DRAMA/SPORTS/INSPIRATIONAL: An old milkman’s son in a village studies in college. He wants to gift his dad a bike so that he won’t have to paddle bicycle anymore. He tries lottery but only loses whatever little pocket change he gets from his dad. One day he sees a small blue… Read more »