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Age is Just a Number

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Age is Just a Number, Screenplay Concept, DRAMA/ BLACK COMEDY/ROMANCE/CRIME/THRILLER: An old married woman rediscovers her sexual passion when she falls for a man half her age over Facebook chat. It is never too late to have fun in life. Married off at 21 by her parents, she was disappointed in her husband’s lack of virility from day one itself,… Read more »

Love On The Cricket Pitch

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Love On The Cricket Pitch, Feature Film Concept, DRAMA/SPORTS/ROMANCE: Gully cricket of boys in a park. Audience stands outside the park to watch the game. One girl, out of curiosity, ventures into the park so she can watch it closely. The batsman hits a FOUR and unfortunately the ball hits her knee. She starts crying. The batsman kid runs to… Read more »