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Don of Jaunpur

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Don of Jaunpur, Web Series Concept, ACTION/CRIME/DRAMA/GANGSTER: How a School Bully Turned into One of The Most Dreaded Gangsters of UP. This is the story of an 11-year-old adolescent born in a small district of Jaunpur, belonging to a middle class, Muslim family whose father had big dreams of educating his son and making him a respectable citizen of India…. Read more »

I Will Play For My Dad

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I Will Play For My Dad, Feature Film Concept, BLACK COMEDY/DRAMA/SPORTS/INSPIRATIONAL: An old milkman’s son in a village studies in college. He wants to gift his dad a bike so that he won’t have to paddle bicycle anymore. He tries lottery but only loses whatever little pocket change he gets from his dad. One day he sees a small blue… Read more »