Age is Just a Number

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Age is Just a Number, Screenplay Concept, DRAMA/ BLACK COMEDY/ROMANCE/CRIME/THRILLER: An old married woman rediscovers her sexual passion when she falls for a man half her age over Facebook chat.

It is never too late to have fun in life. Married off at 21 by her parents, she was disappointed in her husband’s lack of virility from day one itself, but eventually she learned to compromise…until she discovered Facebook and Instagram, that is. She is a social media addict; she posts all her activities on social media. Her idol has been Hema Malini and although she has subconsciously believed all along that she is as gorgeous as her, she longed to get that validation from her husband. Her kids are now grown up and happily settled with their respective MNC jobs in Portugal; they hardly bother to even WhatsApp their mother. Her husband is a retired lawyer and happy in the company of his retired friends. He acts as if his wife does not even exist. Meet this aging social media addict trapped in an unhappy marriage who is looking for some new thrill from the social media. She rediscovers the young girl in herself when she falls for a guy half her age on Facebook. He makes her realize that she is still as attractive as a 20-year-old girl. All seems rosy until an ex of the lady shows up at her door. An accidental murder happens. Will the couple be able to escape the consequences of the crime? What would happen when the lady’s husband finds out about her affair?

The story is a sarcastic take on those who look for fulfilling relationships on social media.

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